HOW TO Get Microsoft Azure RDP Free $200Credit ❌ 2023

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We will use a cloud service from Microsoft. Follow all steps carefully you will get the RDP.

◾️Go to
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{No vpn needed}

◾️When registering, enter Russian or Belarusian addresses, I recommend entering real addresses (less likely to be banned),
◾️we take the card data from imudra or airtel vcc or yandex vcc . You can make vcc for free and add 2-3Rs. Free works too but with 2-3rs it won't get banned in 10 days

◾️Next step is buy the number for registration of azure in the same way on
(u can use any site for buying number, they are damn cheap as with 1$ u will get rdp of worth 200$)

◾️We choose the configuration of our Dedicated Server up to $ 200 per month

Enjoy RDP and method