How and why do I need to look globally?

Oct 14, 2023
Motivation is not for sale.

Hello, Anon. Summer is very soon and at this time everyone usually plans trips closer to the Cote d'Azur and sandy beaches. And somehow everything seems to be fine, but I would like more. It seems that the year was rich and productive. But for some reason, the only way you can relax is at your grandmother's cottage in the village. Do you know that feeling? The feeling when everything is "normal", but you still don't fully understand what will happen next and how to act? Today I want to tell you about the fundamental things that will change your perception and allow you to look at your life and development from a different angle.

Our brain, if we don't control it, always follows the path of least resistance. He does not want to plow and work on his result. It is enough for us to meet our basic needs in the shortest possible time with the minimum amount of energy spent. If you can get a 10-k now by turning a simple scheme, then why think for later, learn, analyze information, suffer, if everything can be simplified? This is how our thinking works and forces us to act on the basis of these motives.

It would seem that why get knowledge and skills, if you can buy a ready-made scheme or manual and successfully start working. Anyone who has gone this way knows that not everyone can repeat even the working scheme. Few people have the experience of an author who was able to implement and monetize this idea. And then it turns out that you buy and the theme seems to be working and there are screenshots, and everything seems to be step-by-step, but you can't repeat it.
I want to say right away that it is impossible to pass this stage. You can't enjoy cream without falling face first into the mud. Experience accumulates like a snowball. At first it is small, but as soon as it starts moving, it immediately begins to grow and at a certain point reaches such a size that it can absorb everything in its path. Therefore, you should understand that there is no such thing as easy money. But as soon as you learn and develop, mastering the profession, your snowball will be bigger and bigger. And the main thing in this parallel is that the snowball will follow you all your life. And easy money will only occasionally appear, and like snow on NG, they will be less and less.

I do not know a single person who would go to motivational training and achieve success. Nothing will change if the crowd jumps up and shouts that they are successful. And this circus with performances by Tony Robinson for cosmic sums? Yes, it may give you some new charge for a few days, but no more. No one can influence you if it's a false motivation. All trainers say that you need to visualize and present your goal. And the more you do it, the more saturated you become with that feeling. And at the same time you get an imaginary result. You've already submitted it, received it, and you're fine. And, thus, no one gets to the real actions.

I clearly distinguish between internal and external (false) motivation. Just the latter can be obtained at various conferences and forums. It's something like soy meat, like you can eat it, but the taste is completely different. It's at this point that self-deception occurs, you seem to get motivated, but it's more like the drug effect — short-term euphoria. After the next dose, you are back in reality, where nothing changes. The same thing happens when you follow the beautiful life of bloggers. You consume the content of this beautiful fairy tale, but you don't change yourself in any way.

Experience inner motivation. It comes to you with your favorite activity and development. You get results and inspiration. You are like a whole system and you don't need any external support. You can do what really brings you pleasure 5-10-15 hours a day, it doesn't matter. You get pleasure from each of your actions. This is our way, to do our job and get high from it.

There should be a balance in everything. Doing only what you love, you will get motivation for further actions. You need to be able to combine these two factors correctly. This is the only way you can get success. Therefore, in our case, success is a balance of both Yin and Yang between motivation, hobbies and work. When you can feel this balance for yourself, you will be able to achieve incredible results.

Why is self-education good, but faster?​

What is the most effective way to learn a foreign language?
On your own?
You face the problem of not having enough conversational practice. You can only read, without any conversational skills. This is something like memorizing words and putting them in a passive dictionary. Without application, knowledge is forgotten, and the effectiveness of such training tends to zero.

With a tutor? You will have to go a long way from working out the base to a free level of communication. Otherwise, you can only ask what the weather is like today. But even if you pass this path — you will still not feel the language as your native language. You'll think like you used to.

But as soon as a person lives among native speakers, you immediately gain skills, can communicate and immediately apply your knowledge in practice. You can speak, read, and listen by ear. Have you ever wondered why children first learn to make sounds, then speak, and then go to school when they can already communicate freely? And only then do they start learning letters, grammar, and reading.

It's cool that you're taking the first steps and trying to get information on your own. Self-education is always necessary and we learn all our lives. But sometimes it is very difficult to find the right advice, or you have to review more than a dozen pages in English to find at least something to solve your problem. But there is an important feature — time.

I am not a tutor, but a "native speaker of a foreign language" who will help you get into the "conversational" environment in the shortest possible time. We will provide you with every opportunity to adapt and start talking as quickly as possible. Once you come to us, you will think like a foreigner and never return to the old way of thinking.

It is very important to have an understanding of the process. You can find a description of all the utilities in Kali Linux, watch tutorials on automatic tools, and also be able to run scripts, but all this does not mean being able to apply them in practice. The information is structured and presented step by step, so that a clear understanding of the entire process is formed. You will clearly understand what works and how it works, what it is used for, and what place it occupies in the entire process.

We provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of the whole essence of the process, past the specific scheme obtained, sharpened to one thing.

Only when you have a holistic view, you can change the direction of work, come up with something every day. This is a big and interesting process when you understand what to develop and what to improve.

Holistic view is a real opportunity to go through life and see the full scale of problems. Understand what technologies are developing, what exist and what vulnerabilities may exist, how you can potentially get data and then monetize it. You know what I mean?


With each passing day, you lose the opportunity. You can also find a way of thinking that will be present all your life. There is no point in exchanging your life for cheap things. This applies to absolutely everything. How many schemes do you need to buy, for 15-20-10 thousand rubles, to understand that this does not work?

The sooner you understand this, the better. I suggest you get skills and knowledge that will always be relevant.
You have a unique opportunity to grow up from scratch and get a profession that will constantly motivate you, which means you will develop and have fun. After all, only by doing what you love, you can find a good income and radically change your life. I'll give you a clear understanding of the process, tell you where and how to move, and a few discord calls will help you with this, with the practice of driving in or setting up a Facebook campaign, after which you can already get the coveted "banknote"$. This will be the best gift for you, let yourself be happy.