Carding Method Gift Card [$100 - $70 Btc] 2023

Oct 14, 2023
The sweetest thing is when you can make an e-Gift for $100 in half an hour and immediately sell it to the buyer and get 70% of the face value.
e-Gift is a gift certificate that we can easily and quickly give to buyers and get a good percentage.

Hello carders.

How to have $ 70 clean from one Gift?
1) We buy logs with European PayPal. Their average price is $ 10.

Logs are files that contain system information on the operation of a server or computer, which record certain actions of a user or program.

2) We take IP cardholder, find out its city and select SOCKS as close as possible, the main thing is that it is clean. We need SOCKS to adjust our location to the cardholder.

CH (card holder) is the person to whom PayPal is registered in our case.

3) We look at the cardholder system, adjust the sphere to the cardholder system. We set the screen resolution and select the version of the operating system. This is how we increase the loyalty of the shop to us.

4) Load cookies. This will often allow us to get into PayPal or mail without using a password at all.

5) Next, go to PayPal, enter the log and pass and see if the CC (credit card) is attached or if there is a balance. If neither one nor the other is not present, this PayPal is not suitable for us.

6) We go to the shop
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7) Slightly climbing the shop, imitating the actions of a real customer.